In Your Face

Today’s gripe are water guns, which gets +5 points for being a creative topic that does not involve poo or trash.

please ban water guns from the pools. got it in the face today .

A reasonable request? Some didn’t think so.

A kid splashed me in face the other day playing with his friends. Should we ban kids at the pool? 

Large capacity squirt guns have no place in society and certainly no place in our public pools. What’s next? Water balloons? As a responsible water pistol owner, I am truly sorry.

Poor kids. No wonder so many turn to drugs for fun these days.

Someone ran into my car last year…I want all other people banned from driving on the road!!

As you can imagine, the OP wasn’t thrilled with these responses.

And it really does beg the question, did the kid do it on purpose to cause such upset? If it was an accident that happened only once and the kid apologized, and it never happened again, shouldn’t we all just move on?


If the kid had this ^ look on his face, then yes, be very, very afraid.

Bottom line that everyone seemed to agree on is that it’s much more productive to speak to the parent or the lifeguards in this situation than to open yourself up for sarcasm on Facebook. Because what good is Facebook if you can’t enjoy a little sarcasm and humor?


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