We Interrupt This Program for an Important Message…

It’s all fun and games in Pffx, until sometimes it’s not. A digression from my usually scheduled programming of humor to share a more serious story.

A neighbor reported this morning that her car had been vandalized overnight– very methodically and entirely keyed with deep, large gashes across every panel of the vehicle. And a flag was stolen from her front door– it was a rainbow flag.

We all hear about hate crimes, but most of us don’t live next door to where one has taken place. We stare at our screens and have a certain amount of disassociation from events that have been taking place over the last year.

This was much too close to home — a phrase I’ve said too often lately.

But I’m heartened to see an outpouring of support from residents that will not tolerate it. This is one day where I will not be mocking anyone, and I feel fortunate to live in a community that accepts everyone for who they are (as long as you don’t leave dog poo on the sidewalk).




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