When Life Hands You Lemons, Keep Them Off My Lawn

Growing up in Brooklyn, we didn’t sell lemonade on the sidewalks outside our houses. I’m not sure anyone would’ve bought lemonade even if I’d tried, people would’ve been suspicious. I always loved the idea as a kid, and wished I lived in a suburb or a small town where lemonade stands are a viable option.

I tried selling Girl Scout cookies, but I don’t recall that going very well since most people in New York City don’t want solicitors at their door even if they’re selling tasty cookies. Mostly my own family purchased them.

So you can imagine my shock when I was recently tipped off by a fellow neighbor to check out a thread on a lemonade stand that popped up.

Lyon’s Ln. Pool perimeter stroll today and there were residents selling cold drinks from their home/stoop. I’ve always felt PFFX. to be a bit more sophisticated. Lord. I feel like a snob but damn!

As my mother used to say, if you feel like a snob, then probably rethink the rest of what you’re about to say.


These were not the actual kids, but I imagine it was something similarly adorable and innocent. A bunch of residents jumped to the kids’ defense.

I think it’s way cool. I want to live in a community. Not a manicured country club.

I think shaming children for being children doesn’t support the values of the families here. It’s summer. They are kids. If you don’t like it, don’t buy anything. But also don’t use social media to criticize children being children.

Then the OP dug the hole even deeper by saying she only saw adults standing at the drink stand and admitted her mistake. Because when I see a drink stand, I automatically assume adults are running it. Our rents are just too damn high.

When other residents continued to comment, the OP responded:

Let it go and move on!

If only she had taken that statement as her personal motto to begin with and not posted at all.

And now if you don’t mind, I’m going to relive my lost youth and open up my own stand, which I think is in great demand–



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