Dead Mice and Rose Petals

rose-petals-2272x1704_14368If I ever write a memoir it’s going to be titled “Dead Mice and Rose Petals.” Bet you’ll never guess how those two things are connected…

The OP had quite a story to share: She’d left a dog poo bag outside her door overnight, and woke up the next morning to find a neighbor had put the dog bag inside a plastic bag. But wait, there’s more.

To her surprise, the bag had also acquired some other contents along the way:

…in the bottom of the bag was a DEAD MOUSE that this neighbor thought was a good idea to put into the bag.

Also, red rose petals.

As most of us can imagine, it’s startling to discover a dead rodent on your doorstep, and even more disturbing to realize someone purposely placed it there. The rose petals, I just don’t know. Maybe they held a funeral for the mouse.

For some inexplicable reason, every single comment skipped right over the dead mouse and rose petals, and chastised this woman for leaving a dog poo bag outside her door.

Some choice comments:

Perhaps they thought it was a more polite way of saying please pick up the poo.

I think you are reading way too much into what I almost consider a random act of kindness.

WHAT?! This is about as much of an act of kindness as a horse head left in a bed.

Pick up the dog poop. Stop being passive aggressive.

Has everyone failed reading comprehension? Did you miss the dead mouse that was mentioned? How on earth…

RIP dead mouse, may you live a long happy existence in the afterlife. You’re definitely in a better place now.



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